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8 Reasons To Contact The Jury Whisperer:


What is The Jury Whisperer?

Cutting-edge effective jury selection, document and witness evaluation.

Why might I need the services of The Jury Whisperer? 

To accurately identify shading or withholding of truth during voir dire.

How does The Jury Whisperer differ from typical jury and trial consultants?

Highly developed access to conscious, subconscious and unconscious attitudes.

Where have I seen the successful use of intuition?

The outfielder who takes a few extra steps toward the warning track just in time to prevent an extra-base hit. 

Why can’t I just rely on my own intuition?

Because you want an edge the other side doesn’t have.

How can I learn more about intuition and its application to my legal practice?

Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink among other best sellers.

I still have doubts so what is my next step?

Contact Carole for more and a free consultation.


You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.
— Albert Einstein