TX Live CLE!

4.25 Accredited CLE hours including 2.00 ethics Hours

Trial Prep: Using All of Your Brain Not Half of It
& The Top Ten Ethics Hit Parade

This seminar will provide attendees with the best of both worlds: left and right brain analytical and interpretative capability. Instruction will be grounded in traditional left brain methods of case analysis, jury selection and witness preparation as stepping stones to applying the latest verified understanding of how to use the other half of the brain for combined maximum results.

The 21st century is exploding with scientific findings regarding the ability of an individual to intuitively know what another person is thinking and feeling. In addition to what the questionnaire says and the body language conveys, intuition properly understood and applied can allow counsel to perceive what prospective jurors are actually thinking and feeling about their case, their client and themselves.

Learn how to integrate the application of both left and right brain approaches to jury selection for enhanced outcomes! Discover abilities you didn’t know existed that can make you more successful from witness preparation all the way to verdict.

In addition, presenters will cover the need to know “Top Ten Ethics Hit Parade.”

Shelley Albert, Esq. will be presenting material based upon the most currently accepted left brain methods of voir dire selection such as juror questionnaires, direct questioning, social media, body language, micro-expression and physical presentation.

Carole Gold, Esq., A.S.T.C., will be presenting the application of cutting-edge, right brain intuition-based methodology and techniques as enhancements to current and commonly utilized methods.


$149 per person

$125 per person group registration (4 or more from same firm)

Refreshments included /Limited seating

This Seminar is available in-house upon request.

Contact Carole Gold at contact@carolegold.com