Shelley Albert.

As legal proving grounds go, there are few that offer superior training than the judicial battlefront where Shelley Albert, Case Analyst for The Jury Whisperer, first established her courtroom prowess.

For five years, Shelley served as an Assistant District Attorney under the legendary Robert M. Morgenthau. Morgenthau and his team at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office were known an equal-opportunity prosecutors, sending record numbers of white-collar criminals, slumlords, murderers, drug dealers, stock manipulators, sex-offenders, street thugs, and Mafia dons to prison.

On Morgenthau’s retirement in February 2009, The New York Times noted that one secret to his success was that he “attracted bright young lawyers and investigators” and “drove his staff hard.”

That pretty much sums up Shelley’s start. During her tenure in Morgenthau’s office, she prosecuted thousands of felonies and earned the admiration of her peers - and even her adversaries - for her deft jury selections.

Shelley’s courtroom and jury experience are central to her current role with The Jury Whisperer, where she teams with Carole Gold to offer clients cutting-edge effective jury selection, document and witness evaluation. Together, Carole and Shelley deliver a unique blend of proven courthouse techniques, upgraded to incorporate Carole’s special intuitive, results-driven, skills.

After leaving the Manhattan DA’s office, Shelley established herself successfully in private practice, focused on criminal defense and all aspects of family law litigation, including domestic violence. All told, she has tried more than 100 cases to verdict.

Shelley is known nationally, thanks in part to her guest appearances on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News and other networks. A member of Mensa, Shelley mentors young attorneys through the Trial Lawyers Association and has provided pro bono assistance to Legal Services of New Jersey.

When Shelley worked as an Assistant District Attorney, she and her colleagues had an expressed mission: “to bring justice to every community in this city.” 

To this day, Shelley’s approach echoes that calling. Her goal is to generate a successful and just outcome for each of her clients.