The Jury Whisperer - Q&A


What is The Jury Whisperer?

The Jury Whisperer uses the highly developed and refined skill of Intuition combined with years of legal experience to deliver superior results.

I’m a former practicing attorney who uses the most advanced and enlightened method of Intuition to support you in discovery, voir dire, and witness preparation . I can access what prospective jurors and witnesses are feeling and thinking at a depth far beyond anything current methods of analysis can reach.

How Does Shelley Albert’s Legal Background Fit With The Jury Whisperer?

As in Left Brain – Right Brain Theory, Carole and Shelley blend different approaches - and different professional experiences - to create a proprietary, synergistic method to meet the needs of their clients.

Shelley has worked in the trenches of one of the most demanding legal battlefields in the nation – the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, as well as brought numerous cases to verdict as a private criminal defense and family law attorney.

Carole, an accomplished lawyer and educator, is a highly-developed intuitive who draws on her special talents to quickly ascertain the unconscious and unexpressed  thoughts and feelings of prospective jurors and witnesses.

Both Shelley and Carole have admirable independent track records. Combined, they represent a potent combination of legal dynamism that is without peer.

Why might I need the services of The Jury Whisperer?

We both know that avoiding surprises before and during trial is imperative. 

While you may have had mixed results when relying on your own gut instincts and current analytical methods available through consultants, my gift allows you to know with near perfect certainty whether a prospective juror is shading or withholding the truth. It’s a window on how potential jurors are responding on a deeply imbedded emotional level, including their visceral reactions to you and your client.

When it comes to witnesses, I can save you time and distraction during discovery by guiding you to probe testimony and evidence that is incomplete, obscuring full disclosure, or intentionally misleading.

How does The Jury Whisperer differ from typical jury and trial consultants?

What is available to you now are consultants who rely on questionnaires and other techniques that primarily tap into the conscious thoughts and beliefs of truthful jurors.  They are incomplete in exposing individuals who are willfully misleading or who have deeply ingrained – as yet subconscious or unconscious – biases and inclinations.

As The Jury Whisperer, I plumb the conscious, subconscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and processes of jurors and witnesses.  You get the complete story and with it, an express pass to success.

Is there any research to back the effectiveness of relying on legal intuition at trial?

The Jury Whisperer is at the forefront of this potent legal application. Yet there are everyday examples of how it works.

  •  The foreknowledge in the mother who senses things have gotten a little too quiet in the playroom.
  • The outfielder who takes a few extra steps toward the warning track just in time to prevent an extra-base hit. 

My knowing becomes your strategic ace in the hole.

Why can’t I just rely on my own intuition?

You can and you have. But you haven’t spent decades perfecting your Intuition.  I have. Decades of maximizing  access to my pineal gland as my fist sense…rather than first seeing with my eyes or hearing with my ears.

Without such discipline and training here’s what happens:

  • Art and money forgers often fool even the so-called experts. 
  • It’s how dedicated police officers, with years of experience, still sometimes mistake a toy gun for the real thing, or shoot an unarmed suspect in “self-defense.”
  • How teams of highly paid MBAs and marketing gurus, backed by focus groups and massive amounts of research findings, gave the world “New Coke.”

How can I learn more about intuition and its application to my legal practice?

I credit much of the recent spotlight on the Science of Intuition to Malcolm Gladwell, author of the landmark Blink.  Gladwell and other respected authors have written extensively on the topic.  Gladwell, the author of five New York Times bestsellers, won a national magazine award and was honored by the American Psychological Society and the American Sociological Society. (

What can I reply upon based upon your assertions thus far?

I don’t need to be clairvoyant to know with 100% certainty that you would like to win more cases… more often. 

I can predict the first case you win with the help of The Jury Whisperer will significantly diminish doubts about the process. The second win will bolster your confidence in my abilities even further.  After our third successful outcome you may discover you’ve become an evangelist for the necessity and application of intuition in the practice of law.

I still have doubts about the power of legal intuition to transform my practice. What is my next step?

You are not alone.  As Gladwell says in Blink, “the best decisions [are] often those that are impossible to explain to others.”  So, while I cannot explain to you how I get the results I do, I can answer your questions about Intuition generally and, more specifically, what working with me entails.

It’s a free consultation and a mini-education on a matter of great importance to your legal practice:


I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.
— Albert Einstein